Balances across chains in one request

Enriched with metadata

Full token media and metadata

ENS resolving

Pass in ENS address parameters

Spam filtering

Filter out spam tokens with a query param

Multi-chain requests

All balances APIs support multi-chain requests for the supplied address to minimize the number of calls required to power your app. You may make a multi-chain request by providing a comma-separated list of chainID query parameters (e.g., chainID=ethereum,polygon,optimism).

NFT media and metadata in balances APIs

The Get NFT balances and Get NFT collection balances APIs return NFT balances enriched with media and metadata to reduce the number of calls required to power your UX.

Support for rebase tokens

nxyz APIs accommodate for the dynamic balances of rebase tokens (e.g., stETH) and provides the most up-to-date balance for an address as of serve time.

Spam token filtering

NFTs and fungible tokens classified as spam tokens by nxyz's proprietary spam classification model may be filtered out from balance API responses by using the filterSpam=true query parameter. For more information on spam classification, see our NFT Overview page.

Permit2 Allowances

The Get allowances endpoint provides token spend allowances for NFTs and fungible tokens using the standard ERC-721, -1155, and -20 approval functions, as well as the Uniswap Permit2 approval mechanism.