Returns the latest approval events for all fungible and NFT token contracts the address has granted spending authority to.

Returns the latest allowance events for every token-spender pair to which the supplied address has provided an allowance and not yet revoked.

Example: the wallet provided approval to spender 0xabc for 10 WETH, and then provided approval to spender 0xabc for 5 WETH. The approval for 5 WETH will be returned as it overrides the initial approval.

Approval events for fungible and non-fungible tokens are merged into a single response.

Fungible tokens:

  • the approval value is encoded in the response value field.

Non-fungible tokens:

  • if the address calls a collection-level setApprovalForAll() approval, the response will have nftApprovalForAll set to True
  • if the user calls a token-level approve() approval, an array of approved token IDs is returned in the approvedTokenIDs response field and the nftApprovalForAll field will be set to False

Supports resolving of ENS handles.

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