Transactions across chains in one request

Decoded logs and inputs

Served for public contracts

Historical fiat prices

Token prices as of transaction time

Flexible querying

Filtering on token types

What types of transactions are supported?

Transaction endpoints currently support all external transactions involving the supplied address. Support for internal transactions is expected shortly.

How is it determined that an address is "involved" in a transaction?

In the Get transactions endpoint, nxyz determines that an address is “involved” in a transaction if any of the following are true:

  • address is the transaction from value
  • address is the transaction to value
  • address is the sender of a fungible, native, or nonfungible token within the transaction
  • address is the recipient of a fungible, native, or nonfungible token within the transaction

Event log and call data decoding

In transaction-related endpoints, nxyz applies ABI decoding for event logs and transaction input data (if includeInput=true) for all contracts with a known ABI. nxyz maintains a proprietary database of contract ABIs that is frequently updated. If the ABI for a certain contract is unknown, transaction endpoints will still return the raw log and call data.

Transaction status

The status of a transaction is returned as the status field in transaction-related endpoints. status=1 indicates a successful transaction, while status=0 indicates a failed transaction.