You can get an API key by signing up at app.n.xyz


The nxyz API suite is a set of REST and streaming endpoints that allow you to query NFTs, transactions, token balances across multiple chains, in real time, with enterprise-grade reliability and performance guarantees.

In the documentation you may find sample queries and responses for each of the nxyz endpoints. Some of the most popular query patterns are:


General FAQs


All nxyz endpoints require an API key, to be provided as the apikey query parameter. You can sign up to get a free API key at app.n.xyz. The following is an example valid request using the API Key YOUR_API_KEY:

curl --request GET \
     --url 'https://api.n.xyz/api/v1/blockchains?apikey=<YOUR_API_KEY>' \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

Freshness and latency

You can expect data from each blockchain to be serving from nxyz APIs within 15 seconds of block confirmation.

Response header contains x-latest-block-height which lists the most recent block height we processed as well as x-latest-block-time showing the unix time we processed the block.

nxyz prides itself on its ability to support high throughput with <200ms p95 response latency across all endpoints.

Multi-chain requests

Several endpoints can return data across multiple blockchains within a single request. You can do this by passing along a comma-separated list of chainID parameters, e.g.,chainID=ethereum,polygon,optimism. Response items across chains are merged together and maintain the same sorting order as the single-chain requests (i.e., timestamp descending for transactions, USD value descending for balances).

Endpoints that currently support multi-chain requests are:


Endpoints that return lists of response items support pagination with cursors. To query the next page of results for endpoints that support pagination, retrieve the cursor from the X-Doc-Next-Link HTTP response header and provide it as a query parameter into the next query. cursors expire after 24-hours.

Rate limiting

nxyz utilizes rate limiting on all API keys to prevent fraud and abuse. Rate limits are measured in queries per second (QPS), applied per API key. Rate limits can be viewed and managed from the developer console.

OpenAPI spec

The OpenAPI spec for the nxyz API can be found at https://api.n.xyz/api.json.

ENS handle resolution

All endpoints with address path parameters support resolution of ENS handles. For these endpoints, you can pass an ENS handle as the address parameter. Note that ENS resolution may add 10-20ms in response latency.

Fiat price data

nxyz API responses contain references to the fiat prices of fungible and native tokens. Fiat prices are applied to token values in the case of token balances, transaction values, and NFT floor prices. USD is currently the only fiat currency supported. The fiat field contains the fiat price of the token in current prices (applicable to balance and transaction endpoints), while the historicalFiat field contains the fiat price of the token at the time that a transaction occurred (only applicable to transaction endpoints).

nxyz currently sources fiat prices for the top ~8000 tokens (ranked by market cap) across major EVM chains, sourced from CoinGecko every ~3-5min.

Contact us

For questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]